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Scott Terry

Senior Consultant
  • 214-504-7115
  • Monday -Friday 8-5

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Scott Terry has 8 years’ experience in the credit repair industry and is a FCRA Certified Credit Analyst. He works with Mortgage Companies such as Nationwide, Midwest Mtg., Gateway Mtg., Fairway Mtg., Wells Fargo, and also works with auto dealers and realtors. Scott was National Credit Solution’s Consultant of the year in 2010.

At home, Scott has two beautiful children and enjoys hobbies such as fishing, playing pool, darts, camping, and grilling out.

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Have you received calls from a Debt Collector and don’t know where to turn? Are collectors harassing or threatening you?  Have you asked them to stop calling and they still call? National Credit Solutions has the answers. Ask Scott about our Compliance Department or check out