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Ron Reed

Ron Reed

General Manager
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  • Monday -Friday 8-5

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Ron owned and operated his own business, Reed’s Glass, for 15 years, gaining knowledge in sales and customer service. Prior to that, he held the positions of installation manager and assistant manager for similar companies. Ron has over 10 years of experience in home and auto financing. He is extremely knowledgeable on how credit works, and the benefits gained by having a great credit score. As general manager and head of the FDCPA Department, Ron is passionate about making sure the staff is well educated on all aspects of their positions, and works closely with the clients of National Credit Solutions to help them achieve their goals.

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Have you received calls from a Debt Collector and don’t know where to turn? Are collectors harassing or threatening you?  Have you asked them to stop calling and they still call? National Credit Solutions has the answers. Ask Ron about our Compliance Department or check out