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About Our FDCPA Compliance Department

NCS' FDCPA Compliance Department is dedicated to reviewing illegal debt collection activity and inaccurate credit reporting.  This department is headed by Ron Reed.  Ron has over 14 years in the credit industry and, about three years ago, saw a great need to help our clients who were experiencing harassment and threats from Debt Collectors. 

Ron isn’t an attorney, and he won’t be giving you legal advice; however, he works hand-in-hand every day with a consumer rights attorney who has partnered with our company to provide dedicated service to our clients. 

The attorney isn’t on staff here at NCS, but this is all his firm does—suing debt collectors for harassing our clients and for inaccurately reporting information on our clients’ credit report.  The lawyer has been involved in hundreds of collections-related lawsuits in one role or another, and has obtained settlements for NCS clients totaling more than a quarter million dollars!  And in almost every settlement, he gets the debt forgiven and removed from our clients’ credit reports! 

The best part of all is, this is a service that is completely no cost to you.  All of his cases are taken on contingency—he doesn’t get paid if you don’t get paid, and he only gets a portion of the settlement that he gets for you.  So you either get a BIG check, or you get nothing.  But you NEVER get a bill for this service!

To check out some of the hundreds of cases and settlements that NCS has been able to help our Clients accomplish, check out our Debt Collectors Busted page.  If you're currently receiving threatening or harassing phone calls or voice mail messages from Debt Collectors, visit our page What To Do When a Debt Collector Calls, or contact Ron directly at 214.504.7102 or by email at R.Reed@NCS700.com.


Hear the Collection Call of the Week and other voice mails from Collectors that our Clients received.  While each one of these voice mail messages sound 100% LEGAL, all resulted in SETTLEMENTS for our Clients.


Find out some of the most common FDCPA Violations and see actual results of the work we do while assisting our Clients in fighting back against bad debt collectors, at absolutely no upfront cost to them.

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Check out our website dedicated to our FDCPA Compliance Department. See everything from actual calls from collectors, examples of fdcpa violations, and testimonials from our clients.