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Check Out These National Credit Solutions' Client Testimonials:

These are first-hand accounts of some of the things that our clients have experienced in our program.  We have helped people achieve their goals of higher scores, new cars, new homes and even buy discount Deltasone line million dollar loans. Take a little time and read them all!

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Featured Testimonial

My name is Spencer Taylor and I have been in National Credit Solutions’ program for just over a year.  In the industry that I work, having immaculate credit is a requirement. I've heard numerous horror stories of fly by night credit repair companies that don't deliver.  I have only worked with NCS, but I can't imagine a better credit repair company out there. Ron Reed and the rest of their staff have given me outstanding customer service.  Ron was always straight with me and told me just like it is.  But the main reason I think so highly of them is because they delivered and performed.  They fixed my credit! Not only did they get my credit score from the low 500's to over 700, but they actually made me money.  Most of those mean bill collectors that call you are breaking the law.  Ron worked with me to gather evidence against one of these collectors, and then referred me to the attorney that works with NCS clients on collection violations. I ended up getting a $3,500 check for my settlement! I can say that NCS definitely goes above and beyond. And all of my family and friends that I've referred to NCS share similar success stories. My wife and I have since started a family and are buying our first house.  We wouldn't be able to buy that house or have the financial freedom without NCS. If you have any questions or need more info about my situation feel free to call me.

Thanks, Spencer

Just letting everyone know this stuff works, without a doubt! I will tell all my friends and family I know how good it feels! My credit score is up tremendously within 2 months of consultation. AWESOME!!!! Thank you, thank you.
Mary M.
Scott Terry is a great guy when it comes to credit repair. He is the truth. A lot of people talk about they can repair credit but he can get the job done. The proof is in my million dollar home he got me in. I vouch for him 100 percent.
Zeb B.
February 12, 2016
Thank you, NCS, for helping get my life back on track!  Like a lot of people, I made stupid decisions when I was younger and you guys have put me in a position where I can now purchase a home, or most anything else that I can afford.  You helped me become financially stable, and I no longer have to look over my back and dodge creditors. I also wanted to thank you for helping me with the debt collector who threatened to sue me and take up to 3 years of my income tax refund.  He also threatened my livelihood by telling me he was going to take my Commercial Driver’s License!  With your help, I ended up suing the collection company, which did three things:  It put over $1,800 in my pocket, had the over $7,000 debt forgiven, and the collection company removed the account from my credit report. As you know, Ron, my wife was hell-bent against me getting into your program.  I actually ended up signing up without telling her.  When she found out, she was livid and demanded that I cancel your program and ask for my money back.  But I refused to do that because I knew what I needed to do to be able to take better care of my family.  Today, my wife is extremely happy that I went against her wishes and stayed in your program.  It is truly one of the best things I’ve ever done. Thank you again, NCS, from both me and my wife!         
Robert from Jacksonville, FL.
Thank you, National Credit Solutions, for helping me get my scores up so that I could get a mortgage approval for my new home! I think most consumers don’t really understand all of the rules and laws that determine what is and what isn’t “accurate reporting”.  I believe that it’s very important that credit issues be addressed properly, the way that National Credit Solutions did for me. When NCS found that a collection company was reporting an account inaccurately and illegally on my credit report, Ron Reed put together a case and turned it over to an attorney to pursue legal action.  The end result is, the collector agreed to forgive the more than $4,500 debt and have it removed from my credit report.  I also received monetary compensation, too. Thanks again, NCS, for taking the time to do everything in your power to help me.  I would recommend your services to anyone that has credit issues and needs real help!
John G

Testimonial from Wendy G

From: Wendy G [mailto:Wendy_G@*********-****.com]

Sent: Monday, June 1, 2015 9:19 AM

To: Ron Reed

Subject: RE: Closing


Thanks so very much.  Yes we closed on Friday 5/29.  My husband and I cannot thank you enough for all that you did and how quickly you were able to bring our scores up.  Our dream finally came true of owning our own home. 


Wendy G.

Wendy’s Credit Scores BEFORE

wendy - credit scores - before

Wendy’s Credit Scores AFTER (87 Days Later)

wendy - credit scores - after

National Credit Solutions

2035 Central Circle, Suite 107

McKinney, TX 75069

Dear Prospective NCS Client,

I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about writing this letter-of-recommendation. My experience with National Credit Solutions (NCS) was so exceptional, I fear this letter may be a tad over-the-top, but I must express how pleased I am with the results promised and delivered by NCS.

To begin, I need to give you a bit of our background and the mess (credit report/score) we delivered to Todd Weaver in the spring of 2010. I had worked a commission-only career for 10 years before starting my current career, and because of the roller coaster income, our credit was destroyed. Let me define destroyed: We had 77 negative line items (on my credit report alone) that needed repair, including such things as bankruptcy, tax lien, dozens of collections and scores of 582, 569 and 571 (from the three credit agencies). According to Brad and Todd, ours were the worst reports they’d ever seen. I’m not proud of that fact, but it proves NCS has the ability to make a real change.

I currently am an over-the-road truck driver and had seen NCS’ billboard ads throughout the Dallas Metroplex. I was thoroughly certain our credit could never be improved and our dream of home ownership would be impossible to realize. Fortunately, I made the call to NCS and spoke with Todd Weaver in length, remaining very wary. There are many different credit repair companies out there, guaranteeing to quickly fix your credit, but deliver very expensive empty-promises. I knew this and began doing a bit of research on NCS’ reputation. What convinced me to put my trust in NCS was the report I found on the Texas Attorney General’s website, stating NCS had only received one complaint…EVER (and it was over a billing issue, not for the service they offer)! I knew NCS had had thousands of clients, so as far as I was concerned, they were trustworthy enough for me. That has become one of the best decisions I’ve made in a very, long time. Regardless of how impossible our case seemed, NCS was anxious to help us achieve our dream of owning a home.

Fast forward to Sep 26th of 2011, my wife and I closed on our home. Our credit score for the mortgage loan was 705 and we received a 4.25% fixed rate on a 30 year mortgage for

$208,000 (3000 sq ft, finished). I’m not typically an emotional man but I nearly wept at the closing.

Please don’t think this process was a snap or a work of magic. There is “heavy lifting” required of everyone who wants results from the NCS program, but it is worth every bit necessary. You must still pay your bills, monitor the progress, return audit reports to NCS and be vigilant every day. You can’t give up when the scores don’t immediately move to the heights you seek. Remember: it took you quite-a-while to damage your credit and will require patience on your part to see the improvement you seek. All things requiring such effort will produce great rewards ~ we know from personal experience.

It is with great gratitude that I write this testimonial. Attached is a photo of our home that came directly from the appraisal done for the mortgage. If my story resonates with you and you desire to achieve similar results, don’t waste another minute and commit to the program with Todd, Brad, Ron, Johnna and the rest of the crew.


Michael T

Utah Customer and new Homeowner

A few months ago, I was preparing to purchase my first new home. I called Ron at National Credit Solutions and asked him what needed to be done in order for me to qualify. He explained that the main thing I needed to take care of was an apartment complex judgment in the amount of just over $1100.

I should also mention that there was an $8500 collection account on my credit report for the same apartment complex account. The $1100+ judgment had grown to a collection account now over $8500!

I contacted the apartment company that had the judgment against me, but was told they couldn’t take payment. If the company that owned the judgment wouldn’t let me pay, how was I going to take care of it so that I could buy my house? I couldn’t figure out what to do, so I called Ron and told him how the apartment company wouldn’t take a payment and asked him what to do. Ron said to come by his office when I had time and we would make some calls together to see what could be done.

On my next day off, I went to Ron’s office. He told me that it was probably best to call the collection company first to see what would happen. We set it up so that I could call from my phone and record the conversation.

Long story short, I ended up making an offer of $700 to the collector for the $8500 collection. He acted like I had made a joke and asked me, “Where did you come up with that figure?” I explained that the debt was outside the Statute of Limitations of four years in Texas, and that in another 18 months, the account would be removed from my credit report.

The collector came back with, “You’re right, it will come off of your credit report after seven years; however, it will remain on your Renter’s report indefinitely or until you get tired of not being able to rent a decent property.”

At that point, I asked to be transferred to his manager. Basically, the manager told me exactly the same thing: the account will stay on my Renter’s report indefinitely. The manager also stated that he may be able to get the amount discounted 10%. We had no more to discuss at that point and ended the call.

Ron explained that both collectors had misrepresented the debt by saying it would remain on my Renter’s report beyond the 7 year period as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Ron sent the case over to the attorney that NCS deals with on FDCPA violations. The attorney ended up suing the collection company in Federal court and working a settlement for the following: The collection company forgave the $8500+ collection account, agreed to remove the account from my credit report and gave me $750 to settle the $1100+ judgment in full. Almost $9700 in savings to me, the judgment paid and the collection account removed from my credit report.

Thank you, National Credit Solutions!

Mike S

I recently went through NCS and had my credit fixed I want to say I am very satisfied with the way it was handled and the help I got from Ron Reed and the others at NCS. I had a low credit score and now I'm above 700. I would recommend this company to everyone that needs it. Thank you for helping me understand my credit and fixing it!   

Rufus B.                                      



I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you and National Credit Solutions for the amazing job you guys have done for me and my family. Because of your services and support, I was able to not only purchase my first home, but was able to make that first home the home of my dreams! I would NEVER have been able to do that without your support and the system that you guys have in place. A lot of people and companies try and oversell their products and services, but you guys have gone above and beyond what you said you would do and honestly have even been there after hours for me. I honestly cannot thank you guys enough, from the bottom of my heart for everything that you guys have done for me and my family.  I look forward to future success and a continued relationship to take my credit even further than where we have gone so far. Thanks again, Ernie.


Curtis M*******

NCS Testimonials - Curtis Pic Home 2    Curtis Pic Home 1

From: Chris R****
Sent: September 21, 2014

I forgot to tell you guys that I just traded in my 13 Suburban I got last summer for the new 15 Yukon Denali, so the brand new loan I got from Chase Bank for the suburban is going to be paid off and there will be a new car loan for $60K, I put $20K down. They gave me 3.9% financing so obviously you guys have done a really good job for us. I will continue to send you people.

Brad thanks for taking care of my buddy Larry M******, he’s good people. We are probably going to get Angela a new car sometime within the next six months and as soon as Larry’s credit gets cleaned up a little he’s going to trade in the Sonata of ours that he’s taken over the payments on.

Christopher D. R****

From: S*******, NaKisha [mailto:nakisha_s*******@*********.com]
Sent: Friday, July 18, 2014 1:56 PM
To: Robert Wright
Subject: Testimonial

Anyone considering National Credit Solutions should do it. Before I went to National Credit Solutions for help, I had a score in the mid-500s. National Credit Solutions changed my life, and if you follow their directions it will change yours too, no matter what your credit score is. I have to say that I was a little skeptical at first, but I’m glad I decided to work with Robert Wright and team. The staff was extremely professional, courteous, outgoing, and helpful throughout the entire process. At no point in time did I feel judged or embarrassed but actually relieved, empowered and in control. They got to work on my reports and sent me home with a better understanding and a plan on what I could do myself.

Talk is cheap but the scores don’t lie, my credit went from mid-500s to 700 in one year! I fixed my credit but will always be indebted to Robert Wright and National Credit Solutions for their help.

I wish you all the best. Thank you very much.

NaKisha S*******
[Company Name Removed for Privacy]
972-861-**** (direct)


From: Staven C. [mailto:s­]
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 7:07 PM
To: Ron Reed
Subject: Re:


Thank you so much for your help. I can’t believe that in just a short amount of time my credit has improved enough to make it possible for us to buy a new home. At the start of this journey you asked what my goal was. I told you I wanted to buy a house within the next year. I’m happy to say I am more than satisfied. My credit score went from 520 to 700. I would recommend you to anyone that has credit issues. Thanks again for your help.

Staven C.

LD PicOur Client Louise D. picking up her new 2013 Honda Accord. Beautiful car, Louise. Congratulations!

Louise D. says, “Brad, I want to thank you so much for your awesome work for getting my credit on track. Thanks for your choice of team members such as Shannon Miller. Shannon worked diligently with me. Shannon was so supportive even when I didn’t feel like doing the paperwork; she was so encouraging, she took the race to the finish line. Then there was Mr. Newell Palmer at the Honda Dealership, what a gentleman! He worked with me so well. Then there was Michelle at the Credit Union, such incredible people. Things happened so fast I couldn’t believe it. Thanks for surrounding yourself with people of integrity in your business. I will definitely recommend my family and friends to National Credit Solutions. Thanks again. AND I WISH YOU WELL IN YOUR BUSINESS.”

Louise D******

From: Jennifer C***** [mailto:j*****]
Sent: Friday, December 20, 2013 11:36 AM
Subject: Re: Happy Holidays from NCS

Merry Christmas to you Brad and your team. 

I don't think I ever got around to thank you for the wonderful job the team of people you have working for you and your self did. 

I have to tell you that I was in desperate need to repair my credit when I found you guys. If it wouldn't been for your company I would have lost my home. 

Now I have a mortgage a truck payment and credit cards that yes of course thank the Lord am able to keep up with. And all possible to your dedication to help other people. 

Thank you so much!! 

Jennifer C*****

From: GT T******** [mailto:garyt********]

Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2013 4:39 PM


Subject: Re:


I actually started your service about 3 years ago. I was very reluctant to do it thinking I was wasting my money. I knew Robert, Jeremy, and Scott from SCM. My scores where in the low 400's and had about 15 derogatory lines on my credit and nothing really revolving. I was very anxious and wanted to see results faster than what was happening. So I started to tell Jeremy I didn't want to pay the monthly fee anymore. Ron Reed called me and basically put me back on track and told me it takes time. Brad you told me to get some credit cards and I did. I bought a car with a super high interest rate. So I have paid my car payment and credit cards on time for the past 3 years. I haven't pulled my credit in 3 years because I was just worried that my score was still low.

I pulled a credit report at the beginning of the month and I was a 681 Equifax and 689 TransUnion, and that's with 50% credit card utilization. I have paid the cards totally off since then. I had 2 derogs still on there and went ahead and disputed them. 1 has already come off.

I am glad I signed up with NCS. It truly has been the best money I have spent. I just wanted to reach out and thank the whole team!!!

Sent from my iPhone

Gary T********

From: B******, Jeremy [mailto:jeremy.b******@****.*****.edu]
Sent: Thursday, October 10, 2013 10:07 PM
To: Ron Reed
Subject: FDCPA Program Testimonial


I wanted to thank you guys for the great job NCS has done on my credit so far. As you know, I was able to purchase my home at a very good interest rate. I was also able to refinance my car, which was financed at an 18% rate, all the way down to 5.9%!

I also want to thank Jeff Wood, the FDCPA attorney, for helping me with the collection calls I was receiving. When you and I first talked, you explained the program and told me that you believed that I had potential cases against some collection agencies. I thought you were crazy!

Then you referred me to Jeff. After my first conversation with Jeff all my concerns were put at ease. Jeff explained how the laws were in place to protect me from these agencies.  Within about 3 weeks Jeff had filed suit on my first case. He was always there when I had questions and really walked me through everything step by step. For the first time I felt like someone was fighting for me.  We had a settlement offer within a week after serving the papers. Jeff didn't just settle, he fought for what he and I thought was fair.  Not only did he get me a settlement, he also got the collector to remove the account off my credit report.

 Jeff actually served 3 cases on my credit and all were settled very quickly. Not only did he answer my calls no matter the time, he also went out of his way to help make sure that my credit was improving.  I never knew there were so many things that collection agencies do that are against the law. I hope you send all you clients to Jeff so that the little guy like me doesn't get pushed around.  

I’ve attached pictures of the front and back of my new home. Thanks to NCS and Jeff, I am now able to do the things that having great credit brings.


Jeremy B******


From: Eric T       [mailto:erict]
Sent: Tuesday, August 06, 2013 6:47 AM
Subject: Great News!



It's been awhile since we last spoke and I wanted to provide you with a quick update. Not only did I buy a new car a year ago but my fiance and I bought a house a couple weeks ago! I know this would not have been possible without your program. 

Additionally we've taken out some department credit cards to make some necessary repairs and thanks to the combination of your team’s hard work and my now high credit scores qualified for higher credit limits. Your company really worked miracles and we are so thankful. 

I will refer your company to anyone and everyone that will listen. It must be rewarding to work for such a good company that helps people get back on track. 

Best Regards,

Eric T  


From: Greg S******** [mailto:greg_s********]
Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 10:40 PM
To: Shannon Miller
Subject: Re: NCS


 National Credit Solutions is THE reason that my family was able to buy a new house this year. By following the advice from Shannon Miller and the staff at NCS, we qualified and purchased a home. I stand behind and recommend, to any and all folks with credit problems in their past, to give NCS the opportunity to assist them in making their financial lives BETTER and MORE SATISFYING! 


 Greg S.

Greg S.

From: Leah H   []
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2013 12:13 PM
To: Brad Boruk - NCS700
Subject: Credit rating

Hi Brad,

I enrolled with your program back in 2010 and have been keeping track of my monthly credit scores on a spreadsheet since then.  I am so thankful that your company was able to clear most of the negative items off.  In July of 2010, per CreditKeeper, I had the below noted scores.  A mortgage company had pulled my scores in April 2010 and each score was in the 570 range. 
TU:  641
EX:  652
EQ:  617

I just pulled my scores today and I have the following:
TU:  736
EX:  745
EQ:  749

I worked with Deanna and Christina during my program and they were both great to work with.  I've recommended your program to others, but I do stress that they have to be tenacious in sending in the audit responses and that even though the program takes time, it definitely works.  I am confident my scores can only go up from here.  I pulled my FICO report a few days ago and it is a 720.  I will continue to strive for a higher score.  Thank you for a successful credit solution program!

Leah H

From: Bobby Quillen [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2012 10:46 AM
To: 'Ernie Lyle'
Subject: RE: Credit File Update for Bobby Quillen

To whom it may concern:

Ernie Lyle, National Credit Solutions (NCS), and team have been a real blessing to me during a very trying time. I was in the middle of a divorce, seeing lawyers, moving my kids around, changing schools, and trying to clean up my Credit History all at the same time. Ernie and his team were the only ones I could absolutely depend on to honor their commitments plus go above and beyond the call of duty. Ernie was very proactive and creative. Ernie asked me questions that really needed to be asked and also answered all of my questions. Ernie stayed on course no matter how busy I was and no matter how many extra calls he had to make. He did all this in a very timely fashion and accomplished a lot with each call. His patience and consistency was very important to me with all the other matters pressing me as well. Ernie went the extra mile in helping me with matters that were outside the parameters of repairing my credit as well. His knowledge and experience were invaluable to me. It was very obvious that Ernie had unquestioned sincerity and was a man of integrity and honesty. Working with Ernie Lyle and National Credit Solutions (NCS) has been an extreme pleasure. We have accomplished our goals and more importantly I have gained a good friend along the way. Furthermore, NCS has by far given me the best added value service of any group in years.

Please contact me for recommendations.

I am ready to help others have the same experience I have had.


Bobby Quillen
Vice President – Operations
[Company Name Removed]

From: Dorothy S_______ []
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 5:47 PM
To: Brad; Bernadette Ford
Subject: Testimonials


Bernadette and Brad,

Sometimes it is a little difficult to trust companies for services with your personal information. The question is, who to use and who not to use, who is going to scam you and who is not. Well, when my co-worker who had used National Credit Solutions told me some information on what National Credit Services can provide, I was leery, ok. When I actually talked to them and asked questions and so forth, they told me about what they can do and what they can provide for us. I was like ok, what can it hurt, right? 

All I can say is that I am glad I went with them, they are awesome! They stay in touch with you whether it is thru email or phone.  They told us approximately how long this should take and how much it was going to cost. It was reasonable, so we signed on.  We had bad credit scores and high interest rates, as well as bad debts that we tried to remove and handle some ourselves, but that was impossible for us. We had collection letters and bill collectors calling and sending mail, harassing us at work and on our cell phones. When National Credit Solutions took over, it took off from there. I will tell you, you do have to do your homework as well.  

Brad and Bernadette and the crew they did a fabulous job. They are amazing and we are just so delighted with what they have done for us.   We have higher credit rating, and all the negative removed from our credit reports.  The harassing calls and letters have stopped! With all they have done, I just can say AWESOME!

Anytime we have questions, we just shoot over an email or call and they respond quickly. It has been a year now and everything is still going great.  We tell everyone about what they have done and now my father is working with them.

THANKS to the crew at National Credit Solutions, we were able to achieve our goal.

Dorothy S_______


From: Scott L__ []
Sent: Monday, June 13, 2011 3:30 PM
Subject: NCS Testimonial

I joined NCS in 2010 and I had tried two other services, TRW and Lexington Law. NCS, far and away, has exceeded my expectations not only in improving my credit score but with their all-around great customer service.  The salesman for NCS was very consultative in tailoring the benefits of NCS services to my needs.  I did not feel forced or have any buyer’s remorse, I felt more educated on how important credit can affect you, and the steps taken to improve a score.  I would refer anyone who asked about repairing their credit.

Johnna has been an absolutely great service representative and you are very lucky to have her on your team.  I never had any customer service with any other credit services and she makes you feel as if you are the only client.  I respect the fact that if she does not know the answer to a question she will ask someone and get you the answer.  I also love the fact that she will answer the phone on a Friday after 4:00 or if she is busy return your call that day.  What she does goes a long way and makes me feel more confident in the service I purchased.

Greg French: Great salesman!  Never haggled me and has always followed up in a proper manner and a proper time that we both agreed on.  He stuck with me for a month until I was ready to pull the trigger and helped make the payment arrangements.

You guys have a great operation going on over there!  Feel free to use this at anytime.


Scott L__

From: Jessica T         []
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 11:04 AM
Subject: Bank of America credit card

Good Morning Johnna,

    So I hadn't got an email or call from Bank of America about the Credit card so I called them this morning and found out I was APPROVED....YAY and my credit limit is $5000, I asked the guy if he was serious and he kinda chuckled and said, yes that my credit history looked great! Thank y'all so much for all the help to get my credit back in to good shape, I appreciate it a ton!

Thanks so much,

Jessica T

PS...y'all have cute guys there too....LOL

From: []

Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 12:44 PM


Subject: Demario Davis


Good Morning Greg,

I received an audit from Experion and sent it to you next day via mail. I wanted to thank you for all you and your team have done. The changes to my credit have literally made changes to the quality of my life.

D.L. Davis

From: DAVID P [mailto:davidp@*******.com]
To: Deanna Power
Subject: Maria P******

Dear Deanna,

This is Maria P****** ;

I personally would like to thank you and your team for give me the opportunity to start back in my life. David and I recently bought a car, and with my credit score he was able to put the car in both names.

Thank you again for a job well done.


Maria P******

Sent: Monday, February 21, 2011 8:19 PM
To: Johnna Padilla
Subject: FW: Car Pic



Finally getting the pic of my car to you!  Thanks for the phone call today!


From: haron b. []

Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2011 3:26 PM

To: Johnna Padilla

Subject: Pic of the house

This is a pic of the house my wife forwarded me, I will send u better ones when I get home. She said she put credit reports in the mail. Thanks for everything. Ha'Ron Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry



Have you received calls from a Debt Collector and don’t know where to turn? Are collectors harassing or threatening you?  Have you asked them to stop calling and they still call? National Credit Solutions has the answers. Ask Bernadette about our Compliance Department or check out