Debt Collectors Contacting You?

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Are Debt Collectors Contacting You?

If Debt Collectors are contacting you, National Credit Solutions is here to help. Illegal collection attempts can result in debt collectors paying you for violating your rights, and possibly canceling and deleting the debt from your credit file— watch all at no cost to you!    Are you getting Voicemail Messages that sound 100% Legal?


Actual Case Results from some of our Clients:

Here are some actual results of the work we do while assisting our Clients in fighting back against bad debt collectors, at absolutely no upfront cost to them. The amounts shown are the approximate amounts received by our Clients:

JEREMY – One collector called Jeremy a “deadbeat” and threatened to sue him. Another agency threatened to sue Jeremy and have him served with the lawsuit in front of his co-workers. RESULT: 2 Cases with approximately can i buy Pregabalin over the counter in usa $7,500 in his pocket.

JOHN – One collector left a voice mail message threatening a lawsuit. Another collection agency threatened to garnish John’s wages without judicial proceedings. Another agency implied that it was a law firm. RESULT: 3 Cases with approximately $10,000 in John’s bank account!

JULIA – Received a call from a Debt Collector who implied that he was a ‘process server’ and that a lawsuit had been filed against her. RESULT: Approximately $3,300 in Julia’s bank account, plus forgiveness and removal of the $11,000 collection account!

TAMMY – Tammy had disputed an account on her credit report that she had paid but still showed a balance. The Credit Reporting Agencies, Original Creditor, and Debt Buyer ignored her disputes. RESULT: 1 Case with approximately $8,500 paid to Tammy!

MIKE – When the collector and the collector’s supervisor both told Mike that his $8,500 apartment collection would show up on his Renter’s Report indefinitely, they had violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Practices Act. RESULT: Forgiveness of the $8,500 apartment collection, removal from Mike’s credit report and $750 in his pocket to pay the $1,100 judgement from the owner of the apartment.

JOHN – After a lot of digging, we found four lawsuits for this client based on illegal collection practices that were being used against him.  One collector called an ex-wife and discussed the debt and two others failed to inform John that the calls were from a debt collector.  While one of these claims remains open, three claims have resulted in a net payment to John in the amount of about $2,500, cancellation of approximately $5,600 in debts and removal of two items from his credit report.

These are just a few of the dozens of National Credit Solutions’ Clients that have received not only settlements but also peace of mind! There are many more examples just like this.

 If you are currently receiving calls from a Debt Collector:
  • Have you been threatened or harassed by a collector?
  • Do Collectors call relatives, co-workers or neighbors?
  • Do they give you the Mini Miranda statement (purpose of the call is for the collection of a debt and any info obtained can be used for that purpose) each and every time they communicate with you by phone, mail or email?
  • Do Collectors call you before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM local time?
  • When Collectors call, do you speak with them?
  • Do you currently have voice mail messages from Collectors?


If you’ve received collection calls or voice mail messages that are similar to these calls and would like more information, please give me a call at (214) 504-7102 or by email.


Ron Reed
FDCPA Compliance Director
National Credit Solutions
(214) 504-7102 DIRECT


*Some of our Clients have been paid and/or had items removed from their credit report by the collection agencies that harassed them.

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