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1. Collector left this voice mail message for our Client, Joanna, telling her that he "can't issue a stop order" and that the debt is "scheduled to be pursued through Riverside County".  This really scared our Client, of course, which was the point of the message. 


2. The collector states that Mr. Taylor is no stranger to "Public Records" and threatens Mr. Taylor's property "on Vermont Street".  $3,000 in Mr. Taylor's pocket and debt forgiven!


3. Twenty one second voicemail message with at least 3 FDCPA violations.  How many can you spot?


4. Mark returns debt collector's call and records a minimum of 2 FDCPA violations.


5. Listen to this collector go way over the line with our Client.  Multiple threats and violations in this one.


6. Debt collector portrays that he is an attorney and threatens a fake lawsuit.


7. Another fake lawsuit threatened.


8. Listen at 1:25 as collector states, " the State of Texas, sometimes they suspend your license."  Totally untrue as it relates to this account.


9. At 5:30, Collector misleads our Client that a Renters Report doesn't have a Statute of Limitations.



Collection Call of the Week

Busting Debt Collectors!
Collection Call of the Week - July 10, 2017

This week's Collection Call of the Week is a 20 second Seroquel order threatening voicemail message from a Debt Collector to our Client, Sarah. This message contains at least 3 violations!

Have you received collection calls or voice mail messages similar to this one?  If so, give Ron a call at 214.504.7102.

  Violations by the Collector:
  • Veiled threat of legal action when none was intended. buy prednisone 5mg
  • No mini-Miranda statement (" This call is from a debt collector. Anything you say may be used for that purpose").
  • Caller did not identify the collection company she was calling from.
Results:  Building case at this time.

The FDCPA is a Federal law that strictly prohibits Collectors from, among other things:

  • Contacting you without disclosing their identity or purpose of the call.
  • Threatening physical harm or arrest.
  • Threatening to take legal action when none is intended.
  • Using profane or abusive language.
  • Calling before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM local time.
  • Threatening to garnish wages or take property when there is no judgment, or it's prevented by State law.
  • Calling after you've requested them to no longer contact you by phone.
  • Calling you at work if you've told them to stop.
  • Disclosing the debt to friends, relatives, neighbors or co-workers.
  • Attempting to collect more than is owed.
  • Repeatedly calling your phone.
  • Threatening to take action they do not intend to take, such as: Garnishing wages or taking property without a judgment.
  • Falsely representing themselves as an attorney, or that a phone call or letter is from and attorney.
  • Threatening to call your employer and disclose the debt.
  • Falsely representing to you that criminal action will be taken against you in connection with the debt.
  • Contacting you after they know you are represented by an attorney.

Are you currently receiving calls from a Debt Collector, or have you within the past year?  If you would like to find out if a Collector may have violated the law when communicating with you, call Ron Reed at (214) 504-7102 to discuss, or email him at

If you're receiving calls from a Debt Collector, learn What To Do When a Debt Collector Calls.

To listen to more phone calls to debt collectors, check out our new page:  Debt Collectors Busted!


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