Just letting everyone know this stuff works, without a doubt! I will tell all my friends and family I know how good it feels! My credit score is up tremendously within 2 months of consultation. AWESOME!!!! Thank you, thank you.

Mary M. Testimonial

I want to thank you guys again for all the hard work put forward to repair my credit. I went from not being able to finance anything, to getting a $250,000 house, a $150,000 tractor truck and a $50,000 vehicle all financed within a 6 month period after starting your program. I look forward to working with you as a part of your extended program.

Derrick W Testimonial

I want to thank Wayne Hollis from National Credit Solutions. I contacted him less than six months ago. And have a credit score of 554. And I now have a credit score of 622 and rising. I had a $17,000 hospital bill from a construction accidents I had back in 2012. I had a handful of miscellaneous bills that accumulated during that time in total I had almost 25,000 dollars on my credit report ruining it, And I am excited to say 2 out of my 3 credit reports have been completely cleared. With his help and his knowledge you would be amazed how fast your credit score will go up. Because of his help clearing things up I plan on buying a house next year Thank You Wayne once again for everything.

Patrick R. Testimonial

If you are interested in repairing your credit so that you can travel the road to financial freedom I strongly recommend Scott Terry. I was referred by Terry Hendricks, Realtor and Commercial Broker who I am looking forward to working with to purchase a home.I have been with this program that Scott offers for literally a month and my score has increased 40 points. I appreciate the contact and the update he and his staff provides and there is not a question that I have and can’t get an answer too. The support of the entire team is very welcoming. I look forward to working with Mr. Scott and Mr. Terry in reaching my goal of home ownership and debt relief.

Justin B. Testimonial

Just wanted to say thank you Matt for recommending NCS and thank you Shannon for all your hard work it really paid off! Yesterday I was approved for my first car loan! Woohoo!!! So excited, my score was a 700 from Transunion. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys helped make a new driver a very happy boy yesterday. Thanks again!

Carmela B. Testimonial

Ron Reed does credit repair at National Credit Solutions and began helping me out with my credit almost a year ago. There are a lot of BS companies that say that they can fix your credit but National Credit Solutions is for real!!! For the first time ever I have a 700+ credit score!!! Thanks Ron and National Credit Solutions!!!

Chase P Testimonial

Ron, Thank you so much for your help. I can’t believe that in just a short amount of time my credit has improved enough to make it possible for us to buy a new home. At the start of this journey you asked what my goal was. I told you I wanted to buy a house within the next year. I’m happy to say I am more than satisfied. My credit score went from 520 to 700. I would recommend you to anyone that has credit issues. Thanks again for your help.

Staven C Testimonial

NCS Personal Consultant

NCS Personal Consultant

buy Lyrica in mexico You will always have a qualified Consultant or a Client Services Rep keeping you on track to reach your goals!

Credit Design Service

Credit Design Service

go to link We assists you in building you credit scores through the addition of various types of credit-building products that we have at our disposal

Mortgage Assistance

Mortgage Assistance

We can refer you to qualified Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents once you reach your credit goals

Vehicle Purchase Assistance

Vehicle Purchase Assistance

Our Vehicle Purchase Program does all the work for you: price negotiations, trade value research, financing placement and negotiations on the rate and down payment


Hear actual voice mails from Collectors that our Clients received.  While each one of these voice mail messages sound 100% LEGAL, all resulted in http://gratitudehouse.org/programs-services/residential-services/ SETTLEMENTS for our Clients.


Get advice and information from our credit experts. Stay up to date with the latest news and insight to help you better your credit rating.


We have over 20 calculators to help you understand your financial situation and ultimately achieve your financial goals.

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